• Image of METAPRISM - 'Catalyst To Awakening'

METAPRISM - 'Catalyst To Awakening'

Track Listing:
1. The Awakening
2. Codex Regius
3. Unleash The Fire
4. Incarcerate (Featuring guest vocals from Marco Pastorino and Chiara Tricarico)
5. Anomalous I: Illogical Era
6. Anomalous II: Ghost of Asylum (Featuring guest solo from Timo Somers)
7. Living By Proxy
8. Carve The Stone
9. Aftermath
10. Unanimous

Bonus Track: Catharsis

Mixed by Matt Crawford at Numbskull Audio Productions
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios
Produced by Ollie Roberts

METAPRISM © 2017. All rights reserved